Hotel for sale marbella

Today I have a hotel for sale marbella that you might like.

Price: 200,000 euros


Number of rooms: 120


When we arrive at the hotel, we may notice that the name of the hotel glows yellow when it is dark. The hotel is called Simona Hotel. From a distance we can see a lot of windows, which are made of the highest quality glass. The hotel has three floors and there are 40 rooms on each floor. I will not describe them all, because we would probably be here for a very long time, it will be enough if I describe only some of them.

Around the hotel we can see beautiful green planted trees, which are smaller in shape to larger shapes. They are intended to serve an ornamental and aesthetic impression.

Next I will describe several rooms.

First room: Room with twin beds

This room is lit by completely yellow lights and has beautiful, long black curtains that prevent anyone from seeing into the room. The room has white walls and when we look out the hotel window, we can see the place in front of the hotel.


Second room: Fitness center

The fitness center in the hotel is mainly used for sports enthusiasts. Here you can strengthen, improve your figure, or just work out for fun.

Third room: A room from which you can enter directly from the room into the pool

Yes, this room is designed primarily if you want to swim. If you like swimming, this room connected to the garden and pool is just for you. It is especially for sports enthusiasts.

There are five small chairs by the pool in case someone wants to relax or sit down. The pool is designed primarily for recreation and relaxation.

Fourth room: lounge

If you want to meet someone, chat or buy some wine, you can go to this room. The room is connected to the bar, so it\’s like a pleasant sitting with a good drink, such as wine.

I think this hotel is definitely a great investment to buy.